KDK Charter Service Boarding Dock

200 Marina Dr, Superior, WI 54880, USA
Lost? Call the boat at (281) 343-3851

Once you fill out the form below you will be contacted to schedule a charter or have your questions answered. Once a date has been established and set up, a deposit of $75 is required 10 days prior to scheduled trip. ***Filling out the form does not guarantee a reservation!

Fishing Charter Inquiry

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KDK Charter Service

218-343-3851 Boat Phone
218-724-1264 Office

For General Booking, call between 8 am to 10 pm

Charter Dock Address:
200 Marina Drive, Barkers Island, Superior, WI, 54880

Visit SuperiorCharterFishingDock.com for detailed directions and amenities info for the Lake Superior Charter fishing Dock, located on Barker’s Island in Superior, Wisconsin.

Departure Time:
Our general depture time is 7:00 AM.  Please arrive by 6:30 AM to handle any licenses and other last-minute trip

Our season starts when the Ice is gone from the Lake, and it is safe to navigate. That means anywhere from April to end of May or heaven forbid June. Our season ends when Lake Trout fishing ends. Generally this is the last weekend in September, but we occasionally have the season extend into the first week or two of October.