Before I go any further, I want to say “Thank You” to all the folks for allowing the KDK Charter Service to serve for your fishing experience this past fishing season. Al and I appreciate very much the opportunity to serve as your guide to excellent Lake Superior fishing. It should go without saying, Al and I try very hard to please our clients with nice catches of fish, but I will say it anyways.

Guiding and fishing on Lake Superior is not an easy chore. The fish have plenty of water area to move around in and finding various places to go to find food and the ideal temperatures they desire. They don’t want anything to do with hooking up with our fishing operation. Our charter service keeps a record of what we experience so we can look back on what we have done and that makes for a good helping hand in what we do when we go fishing on the big lake.

Years of detailed daily logs give us an edge over the fish!

Years of detailed daily logs give us an edge over the fish!

The 2016 fishing season on Lake Superior produced plenty of nice lean Lake Superior Lake Trout and as the season went along into late summer and the fall some larger than average Coho Salmon. The area which again produced the nice catches of fish was off the Minnesota Point, Duluth, Minnesota area. Unlike the previous year of 2015, the fish, instead of being located in the middle area of the lake, moved in closer to the Minnesota Point area and suspended from mid-water to the near bottom area where the water temperature changed and colors varied slightly. There were plenty of forage fish available but the spoons seemed to be doing the best job this passed fishing season. I’d have to say that the anglers who followed us on our Facebook entries got the fishing information needed to catch fish.

The Kiwanis TV Auction has once again requested a fishing charter for the auction and we have decided to once again do the two donations as we did in 2016. The Kiwanis TV Auction will be held on WDIO TV, April 22, 2017. I favor this activity as it supports area youth and family activities which are non-profit.

The Fish and Game League of Douglas County has requested a donation of a half day fishing charter for their Spring Sports Show. The show dates are March 31st, April 1st and 2nd. My “Go To Guy”, Warren Soule, says things are coming together very well and should be very entertaining with loads of things to touch, feel and see. The seminars on different subjects are always entertaining and informative. Plan to attend this sport show and remember this non-profit organization supports many area youth and outdoor activities.

If you wish to request information on my Facebook page go to KDK Charters. The messaging feature is private and I do get activity in that feature. You can also use my contact form on my website. I prefer either as I don’t have to drop my chores to answer a phone when doing them. My website is

Here's a look at how we closed the books on the 2016 season!

Here’s a look at how we closed the books on the 2016 season!

I hope the information provided above and on our website, will help you decide on a fishing date with our charter service. Fishing on Lake Superior is excellent and exciting from the Spring to the Fall time of year.

With the KDK Charter Service,

Fishing is our business and fish we will.

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