First off, I want to let you folks know that I have opened a Facebook page with the address of KDK Charters. From now on I am going to show pictures and write short pieces of information which will be more current then what we were doing in the past. I still intend to do reports on my website but the Facebook page will be within days of an event.

This year, we have been fishing in the Minnesota waters of Lake Superior staying within the area off Minnesota point and out from the Superior, Wisconsin harbor entry to about five and a half to six miles. The area has produced a good number of salmon, both the Coho and the Chinook. Lake Trout have been plentiful at times but with the east and northeast breezes causing wild water temperature changes at various depths, a new meaning of scattered fish has taken place. Regardless of this water situation, the hunt for the fish did produce fish.

We have had some very good luck early on using the tube flies I had made by the Superior Fly Angler in Superior, Wisconsin. The colors of orange/white, pink/white and bright green did an excellent job. They were followed up by a bright red fly and a black/green fly. They are all shown on my Facebook page. Generally I lead the flies with a triple odd bright dodger which gives plenty of good action. In the last week, we have been using more of the larger Flashback Spoons in colors of chartreuse and orange, pink and purple and a light but bright spoon with a bright red tail area. I also found that the white clown spoon has done okay on the outrigger setups along with watermelon colored spoons. The fish seem to be leaning toward the larger spoons as time goes along.

With the wild and changing water temperatures, we have been getting our best hits at depths of thirty-five feet to forty-five feet. We have taken a few fish deeper but they have been very few and far between. I have all but left baits off the surface as it has been from sixty-two degree to sixty-seven degrees where we have been fishing. We are also traveling at speeds of 1.8 to 2.0 knots, those summer time speeds.

When you are requesting information on the charter service we ask that you help us by using the Contact Form on the KDK Charter Service website. or on our Facebook page KDK Charters. The main reason we ask this is because we are often busy with our poultry and it is not very easy for us to drop something and answer a phone. We try our best but we still miss calls. If you leave a message on the answering service we ask that you speak slowly and clearly so that the message records clearly. It may take a few hours to get back to you but we will do our best to be timely.

Feel free to touch bases with us on the Facebook page and remember,

Fishing is our business and fish we will.

Captain Dave Koneczny
KDK Charter Service
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