The ice on the western end of Lake Superior has finally broken down and melted. We have been getting some rains which is helping the water warm to temperatures which get the fish active. 

The fish which have been most active have been the Coho Salmon followed by the Lake Trout. The fish for the most part are in the top water area making for some good surface water fishing. As in all previous early fishing spring periods, the best baits seem to be the stick or body baits. Depending on the brightness of the day, both the bright and dark colors have worked with a slight leaning toward the darker colors in the tepid waters which we seem to have a bit of do to the rain. Keep the baits back at least one hundred twenty-five feet and with no weight on the line and you should have a very good chance to catch your fish.

Remember to take the kids fishing. It makes for an excellent family experience with plenty of fun for all.

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